May 092013

 latest and Beautiful Frocks by Brides Galleria 2013

Its very beautiful frock.Its color is blue. Its color combination is very good.

Model frock color combination is very nice. Its duppata color is pink and green fall.Its dress for girls.

Is frock very stylish. Its duppata color is purple.Model is looking very beautiful.

Its frock lehnga type. Its neck design very good. Its can wear  wedding function.

Model dress is very beautiful. Its arm design very nice and attractive.Its heal very stylish.

Its frock color combination wonderful. Its duppata color black and white dots.Its can wear walima function.

Its frock very beautiful. Its boarder design very nice. Its only for girls.

Its frock color is light yellow. Its boarder very good.

Its frock anarkali type.Model hair  style very good.

Its frock color is orange. design of  frock very beautiful. Its heal is good.

Its a open shirt. Its color is dark pink and orange.Its boarder is good. Its can wear mehdi function.

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May 092013

Stylish Frocks for party wear

Its a good shirt. Its color is parrot. Its neck design color is red,green and white.

This pouch very nice.

Its long shirt. Its color is skin. Its neck design cover with green,red and silver stones and these are so attractive.

Its a long air line shirt,colour combination is very glamorous . Its color is white ,black and pink..Its boarder design is very nice.Model hair style very good.Its a black shirt with beautiful light pink embroidery . Its duppata color is light pink.Its beautiful dress for girls .


Its very nice frock. Its color is skin.Its boarder is very good. Its duppata is skin color and boarder pink.


This model dress is  very gorgeous. It is  looking  very pretty.Its eyes are  very attraction.colour scheme is light dove and ferozi .


It is sarri type lehnga . Its color is red. Its jewellery is  very beautiful.Its can wear mehdi function.

Its long open shirt. Its color is white. Its back design very is ver simple yet elegant dress for sobar ladies,or for working weman.

Its long frock. Its color is yellow. It can wear in  mehdi function.




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May 082013

Latest Party Wear

Its  dark brown colored dress .Its amazing party wear dress.Its very beautiful evening dress.

Its color see green. Its can wear on party.


Its frock color is yellow and blue. Earring of model  are beautiful. Its can wear on Mehndi function





Its long shirt and is color brown and green.Its design is wonderful.


Its flair  frock style.Its color is black and white.This frock with chore pajama.

Its air line shirt. Its color is  red. Its duppata color is  white and is boarder black and red.Its designer collection.

Its long shirt and sleavles arm.Its color is see green.Neck style is unique and very attractive in white , green pearls and stone .

Its  western type stylish  dress. Its  color is skin. model  hair style is  so nice and trendy . Its capery trouser.

Great  stylish outfit by Pakistani designer dress ,it is double shaded dress in skin and sea green with stone work on the neck .


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May 082013


Beautiful Party Wear 2013

This is very beautiful dress in black color.Its dupata color pink and orange.Its border golden and white shades.

Its a beautiful frock.Its color pink.Its neck design so beautiful.Its shoes are  very stylish.Its border colour is  pink and orange.


Its gorgeous dress in colour black . Its a western and eastern blend  dress.

Its color combination very nice. Its bridle dress.  Its neck design is very  good . Its border  color is in  golden and white shades. It is perfect  for walima.Its embroidery  is  very beautiful.


Its  very beautiful designer dress. It can be wear in walima function it will look good on thin girls.


This  frock color  white in colour . It is very nice dress. Its border color dark purple and golden.It can be  wear on any  function.


Its very beautiful frock. Its border design is  very nice and color is  pink and black.Its  duppata color pink and white.




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Sep 042012

Casuals dresses Collection 2013-12 by Pink Tree Company

The Pink Tree Company launches the first genre of its planned offerings. With a deep commitment to provide much needed therapy for your wardrobe and lifestyle blues, it sends four lines of clothing to the racks in Autumn/Winter 2011: The Pencil Sketch, Jasun, Sweet Peas and Regalia. Melon will be launched in Spring 2012. Of course, when you have three women on board, then it has to start with women’s’ wear.
Crisp, cool white muslin fashioned into traditional and contemporary flowing, breezy silhouettes adorned with re sham embroidery in vibrant and sophisticated hues, with traditional crushed, hand-dyed leathery duplicates.