Sep 062012

Beautiful Mehndi & Mayon Dress

Henna & Mayon Ceremony is one of the most important day of the wedding. It has its own Specialty in the whole Wedding. In this ceremony, the bride is dressed in a traditional dress wearing novery light makeup and no gems. The Grooms are also dressed in the regional traditional dress, unshaved n facial-ed face. The family and friends gather around in which they sing, dance and perform to celebrate. A pinch of Henna Mehndi, oil  is applied to the bride and the groom by each and every elder and also the friends. The ceremonies are sometimes themed in some specific colors or dresses.

Fancy Bridal Mehndi Dress

Bridal Mehndi gotta Dress

Latest Bridal Mehndi Dress

Long Shirt And Pajama Mehndi Dress

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