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Eid Mehndi Designs

 Eid is one of the most important Muslim Festivals. To celebrate Eid, muslim women and girls plan many days before Eid and they prepare their Eid dresses and schedule for the Eid mehndi designs.

Eid has specific importance for Muslims and so they want to look good, attractive and bright during Eid. Mehndi Designs or tattoos are generally applied by women to beautify themselves.

For women and girls, mehndi designs or tattoos for Eid have special importance but now boys also like to design mehndi on hand or henna tattoos.

Pakistani mehndi designs are unification of complex versions of Arabic and Indian mehndi designs. However, Eid is not only the important reason for women to get mehndi designs and tattoos.

Some other occasions like weddings, engagements, after having a baby and family get-togethers are also the important reasons to adorn mehndi designs. Mehndi designs are usually made on women’s hands, feet, forearms, umbilical, neck and shins.

0Mehndi design is a good way of dressing up even children wear simple version of these mehndi designs on Eid festival. Here is provided some Pakistani special mehndi designs for Eid festival.

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