Dec 072016

Do you wanna know how Bleach is applied in Beauty this video to apply Bleach & Mud Mask at home.

All details are provided in a simple & easy manner for better understanding.

Please find below details.
Mix One Spoon of Keune Cream Bleach & One Spoon of Keune Cream Developer 6% 20 Vol.
Mix it well until a smooth paste is formed.
Apply this paste on your face gently with brush.
Start From Neck..
Gently apply on cheeks
Apply on Forehead avoiding Eye Brows
Take care of your Eyes & this paste should not interact with eyes.
Take extra care ….As you can see its smell is also disturbing my eyes & Nose
Try to cover entire face including all curves & corners
You will notice a visible change in color & shine on Skin.
Now apply Simple Mud Mask to cool down your face
Mud mask is easily available on cosmetics shops .
after applying Mud Mask wait for 10 minutes & wash with cold water.
Your Skin will be very neat & fair after this procedure.
Please do comment for any queries..

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